Sustainability policies

At Hosteria Aguatur We are committed to bringing the best experience to our guests and clients through our excellent facilities and our suitable staff.


We will advocate the conservation of the natural, economical, sociocultural and environmental assets of the Region through the implementation and constant improvement of exceptional labor, environmental and sustainability practices for the wellbeing of its associates, employees and community.

Bearings to take into account for a sustainable tourism.


No exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism


Committed to the Ley 679 de 2001 along with the Ley 1336 de 2009, keep in mind the following:

  • Do not receive publicity or frequent places that promote illegal activities involved with minors (sexual tourism).

  • In case of observing said practices, please denounce it to the qualified authorities (Ministerio de Comercio, Industria y Turismo y Policía Nacional). 

  • Remember that breaking these laws can have severe criminal consequences of up to 25 years.


A responsible tourist should:


  • Learn a little about the community that will be visited (language, customs) and respect its beliefs and cultural values.

Support the local economy.


  • Buy items elaborated by the local vendors and artisans and acquire tours with them directly to avoid being scammed.

  • Remember to always treat them with respect and kindness.


Respect the environment.


  • Buy products that don’t require plants or animals in danger of extinction for its elaboration.

  • Prioritize group departures that allow savings in resources, money, fuel and a diminution of its carbon print. Find the most efficient and eco-friendly way of travelling.

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle solid residues during your trip.

  • Reduce water and electricity consumption in the touristic establishments you are staying in. 

Be careful when visiting wild, patrimonial, archeological, fragile-looking and/or valuable areas.


  • Try to throw away all the trash generated during your visit to these areas, chose walking trails and enabled paths or guided tours to avoid negative impact over the landscape.

  • Do not incur environmental crimes. If you visit a protected area, remember that there are regulations created to preserve places and species of great ecological values and, in most cases, in danger of extinction.

  • Do not feed the wildlife.

  • Do not displace natural resources, like rocks, fossils, plants, flowers, among others.

  • Contribute to the maintenance of the infrastructure and equipment at the protected areas by paying the requested fee and using the facilities properly.

  • Remember that El Código Penal Colombiano, Ley 1453, en el artículo 328, modificado por la Ley 1453, de 2011, establishes convictions to those who exploit illegally the wild flora and fauna.


Be an informed and respectful traveler.


  • Follow the local and national laws and rules.

  • Respect the human rights and protect minors from any type of exploitation, specially labor and sexual.

  • Research how you can receive medical attention or contact your embassy (for foreigners) in case of an emergency.

  • Research the meteorological conditions when you access mountain ranges or zones with changing hydrometeorological conditions. If you go to the mountain by yourself or in group, inform and leave a record of your visit.

  • Do your research at offices of tourist information that possess institutional support, be it private or public, so you can receive objective and updated information along with services and activities that fulfill the legal dispositions of the places you visit.




In case of an emergency


If under any circumstances evacuation is necessary, we will follow the following protocol.


  • Stay calm.  

  • Don’t run, scream or cause people around you to panic.

  • Stop whatever activity you’re doing.

  • Turn off any device you’re using.

  • Follow the evacuation routes.

  • Find meeting points according to the maps located inside the hotel.

  • Wait for the people count.

  • Do not go back to your room until you’re authorized.

  • Follow the instructions of the hotel’s staff in charge of evacuations, which will be identified.


Useful numbers  


  • Emergency line: 123 

  • National Police: 112 

  • Red Cross:132 

  • Civil defense :144 

  • Kidnapping and extortion line:165  

  • Woman victim of violence:155 

  • Traffic and transportation police: From any mobile #767 

  • Environmental and ecological police: 3159000 Ext 56182

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